Tuesday January 31, 2017

The Biggest Upgrade You Can Make To Your Gaming PC Is A Curved Monitor

Well, [H]? Is he right? ( At least, in a literal sense? ) I have already given my thoughts on curved screens, but while my next TV will definitely not be curved, I am willing to give that feature a chance in regard to near-field displays. However, I remain convinced that visual distortion will still be pretty noticeable despite closer viewing distances. Strangely, this guy never brings that anomaly up, although he does address that other problems, such as screen reflections, are less of a concern with curved monitors than televisions. Personally, my biggest concern when it comes to display shopping is still panel typeآ—maybe it is just my imagination, but I like how I am seeing VA panels more and more.

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There’s a straightforward technical reason for why I found Battlefield much more enjoyable on a curve. Most first-person games condense a wide field of view into the narrow window of a screen because that gives the player more information to work with. That generates a dissonance: you’re looking through a circumscribed box, but seeing more than the box should properly show you. Curved, ultrawide monitors feel more realistic when rendering game environments because they can unfurl the visual information across a wider space, and instead of making the things on the player’s right or left sit directly in front, they can position those more appositely. That’s my theory, anyhow.