Monday January 30, 2017

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime Explains Why Nintendo Needs To Keep Making Consoles

With Nintendo's consoles in later years falling behind competitors from Sony and Microsoft in terms of raw performance and graphical fidelity, many have made the argument that Nintendo ought to focus on what they do best, namely their titles. Well, Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo has heard these arguments, and he's here to tell you why they are wrong.

Is Nintendo still adding value with their hardware, or should they just focus on titles?

‘What Nintendo does for the industry is important. It’s what we take pride in,’ he said, referring to Nintendo’s role as the innovator of the gaming world. ‘Innovating the world of video games, pushing the industry forwardsآ… and a big part of that is by creating unique hardware that allows for more unique gaming experiences. The biggest and most obvious example of this is the Wii, which introduced a tracking system and accelerometer, and made gaming more than just the press of a button. We did this all at a price point that most families could afford. By taking a risk, Nintendo was able to introduce the world to a new way of playing. It made gamers out of people who had never touched a gaming console before.