Monday January 30, 2017

Chicago Police Department Goes High-Tech to Fight Rise in Killings

Chicago has a very serious illegal gun violence epidemic plaguing the city. To curb the rising murder rate, Shotspotter technology will be expanded into poor neighborhoods to identify where these shootings occur with extreme precision. It has the ability to triangulate where shots were fired with great precision.

Shotspotter technology currently can tell where a weapon was fired, how many bullets were fired, the quality of the shots, and how far apart each shot was. The increased accuracy of the information is pertinent in sending officers out to the affected area. Citizens don't even need to call in to report a shooting now. The number one crime deterrent is the fear of being caught and Shotspotter's technology is at the cutting edge of making cities a much safer place. This testimonial is from San Francisco, but is applicable to any US city.

The tools will be used in impoverished neighborhoods in the city's south and west edges where a disproportionate amount of deadly violence occurs آ— and where the rise in the homicide rate has been most concentrated. The move fits a broader strategy of focusing efforts on the relatively small number of people who commit violent crime and the limited number of places where it erupts.