Sunday January 29, 2017

New Nintendo Switch Branded SD Cards Cost 3X More Than Normal Ones

Hori is meeting the demands of Nintendo fans who want the company name on anything and everything. The problem is that a 32GB Switch-branded SD card will run you about $50 more than your typical Sandisk, Lexar, or Samsung variety, going off the pricing information on If you’re going to charge me that much, you could at least release a green or pink version with Yoshi or Peach on it. What’s your opinion on branded storage, anyway? Another one I can think of is Seagate’s green Game Drive for Xboxآ—why not just get a matching black (or white) one?

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آ…Nintendo has partnered with HORI for "official" Switch-branded 16 GB and 32 GB SD cards. While it may be logical that Nintendo would sell official cards (these are for the Japanese launch, but there may end up being Western equivalents) the problem is in the price. The 32 GB card is آ¥7,900, or about $70 USD. But on Amazon, the "high end" 32 GB SD card from Sandisk is آ¥2,690, or about $23 USD. Past that, if you want a cheaper version with the same amount of storage (but with slower read/write speed perhaps), you can find one for as little as آ¥1,180/$10. All of this is to say that it is probably not the smart play to purchase the officially branded SD cards because of this rather severe price mark-up. Paying three times as much as necessary just to get the official Nintendo seal of approval isn’t worth it, and I’m not sure why the price point is what it is here. Keep in mind these are not proprietary memory cards like what we’ve seen with Sony handhelds. Any SD card will work in a Switch.