Sunday January 29, 2017

Consumer Office 365 Subscriptions Plunged 62% In 2016

It sounds like anyone who actually wants Office 365 already has it. While Nadella mentioned that numbers continue to rise, the subscription version of Office hasn’t been seeing the same rate of increase as it did in previous years. Speaking as someone who has a subscription, I like the idea of making smaller monthly payments and getting the newest version and latest updates the second they hitآ—even though the math may not be working in my favor.

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Four years after the introduction of Office 365 for consumers, Microsoft last week said subscriptions to the productivity software had reached nearly 25 million. Subscribers, however, were harder to find last year than in 2015, according to the numbers Microsoft reported: Additions to Office 365's rolls were down 62% in 2016 compared to the year before. During an earnings call with Wall Street analysts last week, CEO Satya Nadella touted revenue increases for the Office products aimed at consumers -- which include Office 365 -- and of the latter said that the company had, "continued to see an increase in ... subscriber base."