Sunday January 29, 2017

56 Video Game Movies Are Currently In Development

Fifty. Six. Now that is funny. I am not going to count them all to ascertain the headline’s authenticity, but I do see a very long list of movies that are probably destined to fail based on prior efforts such as Mario Bros. and Assassin’s Creed. I guess Hollywood would rather take financial losses than come up with something more original. Actually, making flicks based on existing properties is a sensible idea, as they already have an established group of fansآ—it’s just that they always manage to hire screenwriters who couldn’t care less about the source material.

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Out of the hundreds of thousands of films in the world currently in development, a large number of them serve as adaptations for (mostly) successful video games and video game franchises. Some have been seen on our screens before either via a previous adaptation or television series, while some are just getting their first shot on the big screen. Whichever category they fall into, they still have to navigate their way through the difficult world of filmmaking, with many of them inevitably forever damned to development hell.