Saturday January 28, 2017

Rumor: No Six-Core AMD Ryzen CPUs At Launch

At the risk of getting a resounding "duh," as I haven’t been keeping up with Ryzen all too much, I will nevertheless point out this report that suggests it might be foolish to expect a six-core version of Ryzen any time soon. Heck, this article isn’t even in English and a poor Google translation may make it even worse than your typical rumor, but since there are existing murmurs and wishes of a six-core model, I suppose this may be relevant to at least some prospective buyers. Click here for the translated version.

News Image

Thai website has gathered from "reliable" sources that the first Ryzen CPUs will only be offered with four or eight cores. The website’s staff was present at the Taipei Game Show, where Biostar presented its AM4 motherboards with X370 and B350 chipsetsآ—if you ask the right people at such events, you may get some information after one or two beers.