Saturday January 28, 2017

Nintendo Shares Switch Specs, Still Won’t Detail Its Nvidia Chip

Maybe I am just blind and not seeing them on the U.S. site, but the U.K.’s Nintendo Switch page appears to be definitively better, having now published an extensive list of specifications for the upcoming console/handheld hybrid. But as you could presume from the headline, things are still pretty hush hush about the Nvidia chip responsible for its graphics prowess (or lack thereof).

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Nintendo has published a lengthy list of specs for its hybrid handheld/home Switch console, so that you know what you’re getting for your $300. Except the company won’t say anything more about the CPU and CPU inside of the Switch beyond its go-to line that it’s an "Nvidia customized Tegra processor." From the first Switch reveal trailer in October, Nvidia and Nintendo have both publicly declined the opportunity to reveal the custom Tegra’s architecture, process, or clock speed. GamesBeat has independently revealed via multiple sources that the Switch will run on a chip similar to what is inside Nvidia’s Shield TV product, which is based on the company’s last-generation Maxwell architecture. That makes the Switch less powerful than the PlayStation 4 from competitor Sony Interactive Entertainment.