Saturday January 28, 2017

MSI's M.2 "Heat Shield" Claimed To Increase SSD Temperature

Gaming Nexus is strongly suggesting that MSI’s M.2 Shield feature is a gimmick that does the opposite of what its marketing materials claim: While the "heat shield" is supposed to lower the temperature, it actually does the exact opposite. The author insists that thermal performance is worse overall, and that the shield would only be effective if it wrapped around an SSD entirely. You may find our review on the MSI Z270 here, where we found different results.

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The idea that the "shield" can perform two opposing functionsآ—shielding an SSD from external heat while somehow simultaneously sinking heat from withinآ—seems like it’s written by marketing, not by engineering. آ…MSI thought that adding this "shield" to the M.2 slot would solve the issue of hot M.2 SSDs, but it’s got a few problems that don’t even require testing to understand: (1) the "shield" (or sink, whatever) doesn’t enshroud the underside of the M.2 device, where SMDs will likely be present; (2) the cover is designed more like a shield than a sink (despite MSI’s marketing language), and that means we’ve got limited surface area with zero dissipation potential.