Friday January 27, 2017

Nvidia GeForce 378.49 Drivers Break In Home Streaming, Have Other Problems

Apparently there have been enough issues with the new 378.49 drivers we reported on here, that PC Perspective has updated their driver release story to point them out. Issues include breaking In-Home Streaming, as well as multiple applications crashing, and hardware acceleration problems.

I can't say this is a surprise to me. I have personally had multiple problems with every driver release since 369.xx. I used to happily install every new Nvidia driver release, but now I only install drivers if I absolutely need support for a new title. The problems seem to have started at the same time as WDDM 2.1 support was added to the Windows 10 drivers. Coincidence? I'll let you guys fight that one out in the forums. Thanks to Cageymaru for the link.

News Image

Update: There are multiple issues being raised in our comments, including a Steam post by Sam Lantinga (Valve) about this driver breaking In-Home Streaming. Other complaints include certain applications crashing and hardware acceleration issues.

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