Thursday January 26, 2017

Seagate's Roadmap Includes 14TB, 16TB Hard Drives Within 18 Months

آ…and within the next few years, we may even be getting 20TB hard drives from the company. I am liking this news a lot as someone who is looking for a way to keep all of his backups in one place (no, that’s not as stupid as it sounds, since I already have a pretty stable cloud solution). These drives should also be good for future 4K rips; I see that the biggest release, Batman v. Superman, weighs in at 89 GB with a 63 Mbps bitrate.

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Seagate is getting closer to reaching its goal of making 20TB hard drives by 2020. Over the next 18 months, the company plans to ship 14TB and 16TB hard drives, company executives said on an earnings call this week. Seagate's hard drive capacity today tops out at 10TB. A 12TB drive based on helium technology is being tested, and the feedback is positive, said Stephen Luczo, the company's CEO. The demand for high-capacity drives is mostly in enterprises and for consumers who can afford the drives. The drives are mostly used in NAS configurations and storage arrays. Seagate is also rolling out more 10TB hard drives that are priced starting at around US $400.