Thursday January 26, 2017

Hideo Kojima Says Games And Films Will Merge Together

The famed game designer has opened the doors of his brand-new Kojima Productions studio to the media, and he has started a dialog on everything from his relationship with Konami to what he thinks about the future of entertainment. On the latter subject, he believes that games and films are eventually going to become one, with the reasoning being that people are going to only seek one type of entertainment. I can see through Kojima, thoughآ—this is the guy who tries to make every game a movie (I think he really regrets not going into or making it in the film industry), so I think he is just trying to make an excuse for himself to continue his usual business. What’s your opinion on "cinematic" games where you spend more time watching cutscenes than actually playing it?

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"In life people are very busy doing lots of things," he explains through a translator. "The time you have to choose what media or entertainment you experience is dwindling. "More and more people are looking at types of media that combine elements together." "If we just make a game people are less likely to choose that as something to do. "They would rather engage in something that combines different forms of entertainment together. "That's where we need to focus our efforts, on this convergence." He's planning on a future where movies are playable and games give players the choice to access more extended movie like content within them.