Thursday January 26, 2017

Google Pixel 2: Improved Camera, CPU, Higher Price, "Budget" Pixel Also In Works

It looks like I am going to be using my Note 3 for another year. With news of the Pixel 2 already dripping out, I can definitely hold off on purchasing the current model, which feels like it just came out yesterday. It sounds like the successor is going to have a killer camera, as well as a waterproof body. Sadly, the rumor is that the Pixel 2 is going to be even more expensive, which is sad because the original was arguably overpriced to begin with. The good news is that we have a potential offsetآ—I guess they are taking a page out of Android One (or just using plain-old common sense), as they will be releasing a cheaper "2B" version that will be "significantly" cheaper.

News Image

آ…our source has indicated to us that Google is internally testing a "few" prototypes of a device they referred to as "Pixel 2B", which would purportedly be released either "alongside or shortly after Pixel 2". This phone would bring with it a lower-price point and less powerful hardware, and would be "aimed at different markets," our source says. Google’s end goal is to bring the "Google experience and the Google Phone to emerging markets," which is something the company definitely has shown a passion for in the past. As for the price of the next Pixel, we’re told that آ— as of the time of this writing at least آ— Google is expecting that there will be "at least" a $50 USD increase in price. As for the budget-level "Pixel 2B," we’re told this device "will be significantly cheaper" if it ever actually launches. As is the case with the rest of the details we’re sharing today, however, these price points are subject to change.