Wednesday January 25, 2017

Unigine Needs Your Help Testing Out Their New Hardware Detection

For those who are unaware, Unigine is a cross-platform game engine that powers a number of tech demos included with the Phoronix Test Suite, an open-source benchmark for Linux and other systems. The company behind the engine is currently working on a new one called Superposition, and they are inviting users to try the latest version so the developers can confirm how well it works, particularly when it comes to identifying your hardware correctly. Thanks to Zarathustra for this one.

Unigine Superposition was supposed to be released in Q4 but was pushed back to Q1. I've already run it internally and found it to be exquisite. Really beautiful and demanding benchmark, I am very excited for its GA release and at that time will be a ton of Linux GPU/driver benchmarks for this brand new test case. Anyhow, in gearing up for it to be released, Unigine Corp is seeking feedback from the community by running their new hardware detection script on your system. For both Windows and Linux they have rewritten their hardware detection algorithm. They want to make sure it's working well across a wide-range of systems. Thus if you have a few moments to spare on your Linux (or Windows) system, they are looking for your help to run their hardware detector script and email them the generated log files.