Wednesday January 25, 2017

The End Of Terrible Wi-Fi Is Near

My Wi-Fi network has been working great for me, so I can’t really relate to this article. Aside from the snazzy animations, however, it does point out the fact that routers are not only getting prettier ( does that even matter? ), but more dummy proof. There is even some good news regarding Comcast for once; the company is supposedly offering a new "Advanced Wireless Gateway" router to its customersآ—but I don’t know anyone who hasn’t merely bought or upgraded their own with all the choices out there. At the end is some buzz about wireless extenders, though I’m missing a mansion to try those out in.

News Image

Everybody hates Wi-Fi. The boxes are ugly, and it never seems to work when you need it. But just when you thought wireless internet was unfixable, the most boring and hated appliance in your house may be on the verge of actually, um, working. Many of today’s devices are overcoming the design and technological flaws that marred the industry throughout its existence. The latest gadgets boast more effective antennas and do a better job cutting through radio interference. Some just look nicer than the hideous routers of yesteryear, with their thicket of wires, blinking lights and plastic parts akimbo.