Tuesday January 24, 2017

What Exactly Is The Point Of Windows Defender Security Center?

Paul Thurrott is back with additional Windows criticism, and this time the spotlight is on Microsoft’s Windows Defender Security Center, which the company introduced yesterday. From what I can gather, it is merely a culmination of built-in security features pasted into a fancy, modern app. This is probably nothing to get outraged about, but Thurrott does point out the amusing fact that there are technically four different "Defenders" that exist in Windows 10 nowآ—which makes Microsoft’s habit for replicating features all too clear. How many of you even still use antivirus?

Microsoft’s solution to making security more obvious than typing security into Start Search is to create yet another UI, called it some mashed up combination of "Windows Defender"آ—which still exists and performs anti-malware dutiesآ—and "Security Center," which sort of still exists in Windows 10, and make something new. Called Windows Defender Security Center. Neat! Another fun bit. If you search for security center in Windows 10 Start Search, guess what comes up? Right. The Security and Maintenance Control Panel. Of course it does. (The only way I’ve found to bring up Windows Defender Security Center with Start Search is to search for defender, by the way. It’s second after Windows Defender in the results list.) Worse: There are actually three Defenders in Windows 10 now. Seriously. (OK, four: You can run Defender from the commmand line too, of course.)