Tuesday January 24, 2017

SWAT 4: Gold Edition Now Available On GOG

Full disclosure: I have never played a SWAT title in my life. I assume that is something I should be ashamed of, since plenty of people seem to be super excited about the fact that the fourth entry is now available as a digital exclusive on GOG. Looking at the screenshots, I will go ahead and assume it is similar to Rainbow Sixآ—maybe I’ll check it out. Thanks to cageymaru for the heads up.

News Image

The adrenaline is always high as you carry on the legendary SWATآ® tradition--leading an elite squad of tactical experts into hard-hitting action that delves deeply into every detail of the experience. In a city rife with armed felons and explosive situations, only the unique skills of your men will do--because when SWAT gets the call, there is no other option. Enter the tense, gritty, explosive world that is business as usual for SWATآ®. SWAT 4 gives you easy control over advanced strategic and tactical tools. Plan missions. Deploy your team. Take down dangerous criminals. And in the SWAT 4 Expansion Pack, you get additional weaponry, equipment and even greater challenges. It all adds up to a rush so intense, it could only be SWAT.