Tuesday January 24, 2017

Resident Evil 7 : PC GPU Performance Benchmarks

I have to admit, I have never played a Resident Evil game of any sort, but it seems to be the big thing today. The Guru of 3D crew have worked up a review from an enthusiast perspective. Do you have the VRAMs you need or not? Maybe. Good stuffs.

This video is likely NSFW.

The graphics are not bad TBH, the results however are all over the place and that makes this article an indicative one. You will run at 100 FPS at one point and then at 50 FPS the next, this is the complexity of the game and environment. Perhaps a few driver updates will bring the weird differential results a bit closer to each other, then again if most graphics card offer 50+ FPS at 2560x1440, we do not see a real issue either. With full quality settings a 4 GB or higher VRAM card does feel better and smoother to play.