Monday January 23, 2017

Lavabit Email Back and Better than Ever

If you are not familiar with Lavabit email, the story surrounding it for the last couple of years is interesting on its own.

The Lavabit service was shut down several years ago after it was forced by the US Government to hand over SSL keys to Edward Snowden's email account allegedly. Last Friday, Lavabit again opened its doors to paying customers with a new cryptology technology.

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Today, we start a new freedom journey and inaugurate the next-generation of email privacy and security. In 2014, with Kickstarter funding, I started the development of the Dark Internet Mail Environment (DIME), a revolutionary end-to-end encrypted global standard and Magma, its associated DIME capable free and open source mail server. Today, I am proud to announce that we are releasing DIME and Magma to the world. DIME provides multiple modes of security (Trustful, Cautious, & Paranoid) and is radically different from any other encrypted platform, solving security problems others neglect. DIME is the only automated, federated, encryption standard designed to work with different service providers while minimizing the leakage of metadata without a centralized authority. DIME is end-to-end secure, yet flexible enough to allow users to continue using their email without a Ph.D. in cryptology.