Monday January 23, 2017

Get Ready for AMD Ryzen and Bent Pins Again

Rejoice! It is time again for this to happen right in middle of that new and greatly anticipated system build. You go to ever-so-gently place your new CPU into its socket and then it slips out of your monkey-hands onto the floor, and then you step right on it while you jumping around orangutan-style in a simian outburst of fear and rage.

News Image

Well, if that happens, you are likely screwed. However, like most of us have experienced, every once in a while, one of our "old timey" CPU with pins gets a little abused and the pins are not where those should be as we were discussing in the forum this weekend. This did however prompt me to find a video I made 8 years ago that directly addresses this and a simple way to fix it.

Now I am not sure if with 1,300 pins if it will work out exactly this same, but is something to keep in mind if your monkey-hands forsake your CPU hardware. And keep in mind bent pins in Intel sockets are no fun to deal with either and require a bit better tool set and steady hand to fix, so we are not picking on AMD here. I imagine a lot of us would rather have CPUs with pins than sockets with pins.

I did happen to steal the picture above from this site and he was using hypodermic needles to achieve the same ends, which might actually work better depending on Ryzen CPU pin size and density.