Sunday January 22, 2017

Toshiba To Launch OLED TVs Later This Year

This is good news for those who want to believe that OLED is finally going to make it big. Panasonic revealed their interest last year when they took the wraps off of the 65EZ1000, and we learned that Sony was invested this year when they revealed the XBR-A1E at CES. Now, we have yet another significant player to look to for the highest-quality display technology available. The real story for me will be when someone other than LG starts producing OLED panels, who seemingly have no interest in producing smaller screens. A 40" OLED TV would make for a great monitor for sure.

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Toshiba announced that it will launch its first OLED TV later this year (probably in March). Toshiba will offer 55" and 65" 4K OLEDs in Japan for آ¥700,000 (about $6,100) and آ¥900,000 (about $7,900) - which is reportedly similar to LG's high-end OLED TVs in Japan. Toshiba will use panels produced by LG Display - which is also supplying OLED TV panels to Japan-based Sony and Panasonic.