Sunday January 22, 2017

Thinking About Windows 10 Alternatives

It is a little depressing to see a Microsoft-centric website running this sort of article, but there it is. I would have you know that I have no qualms with Windows 10 whatsoever (come at me), but those of you on the other end of the spectrum may find some amusement here. The author suggests that the number one alternative to Microsoft’s newest effort is its predecessor, Windows 8, but there is no way I would ever want to be reminded of what served as the catalyst for the full-screen, Fisher-Priced Start menu.

News Image

With Microsoft looking at new ways of monetizing Windows 10آ—in many cases, with ever-aggressive advertising in the product itselfآ—I’m getting a lot of questions about alternatives. And while the case for moving off Windows 10 on PCs is not clear, I feel the frustration too. In fact, I spend a lot more time than you may realize exploring those alternatives. This week alone, I’ve done work on macOS, using my MacBook Air, and I’ve installed the latest versions of Ubuntu and Mint Linux. In other recent weeks, I’ve spent time with a surprisingly high-quality Acer Chromebook as well. I do this with no sense of joy. And to be clear I still find Windows 10 to be the obvious winner when I evaluate what it is that I’m looking for personally.