Saturday January 21, 2017

Totaling The Hidden Costs Of Owning A Nintendo Switch

Polygon has provided an estimate as to how much prospective Switch buyers should expect to spend for Nintendo’s latest, tallying up costs of the system and "essential" accessories. They claim that gamers will be paying over $500 when all is considered, although it is hard to say if you really need everything listed (such as the Pro Controller) to enjoy the system. What’s the right price for a console these days, anyway?

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آ…let’s do the math. $299.99 console + $27.49 microSD card + $79.99 Joy-Con controllers + $69.99 Pro Controller + $29.99 Joy-Con Charging Grip + one $59.99 game = $567.44. That doesn’t even take into account accessories such as a second Switch Dock آ— which costs a whopping $89.99, even though it doesn’t seem to do much آ— if you want to use the system with multiple TVs in your home. And it also doesn’t include whatever Nintendo will charge for the Switch’s paid online service starting this fall; PlayStation Network and Xbox Live each cost $59.99 a year. It’s not surprising that people are complaining about the accessory offerings and pricing for the Nintendo Switch.