Saturday January 21, 2017

Pointing Laser At Police Helicopter Lands Kansas City Man In Prison

If you’re going to screw around with a laser pointer, keep it to cats and movie screens, not aircraft. This outstanding citizen received three years in federal prison for lighting up a police helicopter, which wasn’t the smartest move due to his pre-existing criminal history. As noted in the article, the coverage of a laser expands dramatically in a cockpit, giving pilots quite the debilitating lightshow.

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In the 2013 incident, Rogers pointed the laser at the helicopter three times and the pilot later reported that he suffered "eye strain" for several hours, according to prosecutors. Prosecutors asked for a 4-year prison term, arguing that Rogers was "generally aware" that pointing a laser at moving vehicle was dangerous, and he "recklessly disregarded those dangers when he intentionally and repeatedly pointed a laser at a police helicopter." Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Casey also noted that Rogers has an extensive prior criminal history. "Put simply, this defendant’s criminal history is horrendous," Casey wrote in a sentencing memorandum, and he went on to say this should be factored in when determining the sentence.