Saturday January 21, 2017

AT&T Raises Phone Activation Fee Another $5, Now Charges $25

Let’s take bets on how high AT&T is willing to go in gouging its customers. The phone activation fee is now officially $10 higher than what it was in its inception. What is really notable is that it didn’t even take 12 months for another increase; the last bump happened only in April ’16.

News Image July 2015, AT&T started charging a $15 activation fee to customers who don't sign two-year contracts. (AT&T also raised the activation/upgrade fee for contract customers from $40 to $45 in July 2015.) The activation fee for non-contract customers was raised from $15 to $20 in April 2016 and was just raised again to $25, PhoneScoop reported today. The $25 fee is charged for new activations or upgrades when customers purchase devices on installment agreements, AT&T says. Customers who bring their own phone to the network are charged the $25 fee when they activate a new line of service, but not when they upgrade phones on an existing line. "We are making a minor adjustment to our activation and upgrade fees. The change is effective today," AT&T told Ars.