Saturday January 21, 2017

3D and Curved Screen TVs Fade Away

I don’t have much experience with curved screens when it comes to near-field usage (i.e., PC monitors), but I can tell you that the curved display on my OLED TV has been nothing more than a distraction. And as for 3D, well, I totally forgot my display even supports that feature. It turns out that the industry holds a similar disinterest, as these technologies either saw sharp decline or were nowhere to be found in upcoming products by big players such as LG. Do either still interest you?

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While there are fewer curved TVs at CES as compared to the past couple years, when it came to 3D capable flat panel displays from major TV makers, there was nothing at all to see at CES. Last year I said that 3D for TV is dead and some commenters thought I was being a bit hasty. Well, in 2017 it’s a fact: Nobody in the TV industry is supporting 3D now that the focus is on HDR. So, if you happen to be the owner of a curved screen 3D capable TV, take good care of it. For all you know, in a few decades it’s possible it’ll be considered a priceless historical artifact. Especially if it comes with a working Blu-ray player and a copy of Pacific Rim 3D. When it comes to sentiment, a vocal contingent of AV enthusiasts will miss 3D. But best I can tell, there’s nobody complaining about the decline of the curve. It already has me wondering if we will see any curved optionsآ—at allآ—at CES next year.