Friday January 20, 2017

Keyboard Snobs Rejoice

I posted this link in the [H]ardware Roundup previously, but there is something about this keyboard that appeals to me, even though I am far and away from a keyboard snob, like I know many of you are. Its got a bit of throw-back, a lot of minimalism, and a whole bunch of ugly. Its confusing, and I like it. TechPowerUp has a full review of the Vortex CORE Keyboard.

News Image

My main takeaway from this keyboard has been to not underestimate or dismiss any keyboard immediately. As I am typing this review on this very keyboard, I am getting more and more comfortable with it. There are still enough things to where I personally will probably not use this as a daily driver, but I will definitely make a place for this in my travel bag for when I need to transport a PC- there is not much better in such a compact size.