Thursday January 19, 2017

Windows 10 Redstone 2 Will Be Released In April

Dell and Fitbit have reportedly leaked the release period for the Creators Update. In April, we’ll be getting 3D and virtual reality support in Windows 10, along with gaming improvements, better DPI support, and much more.

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The update codenamed Redstone 2 "The Empire Strikes Back" release date has been leaked by Microsoft’s chums Dell and Fitbit. Dell and Fitbit both posted the update news on their forums. Vole has yet to confirm them itself. Dell made the announcement earlier, and effectively squashed rumors that the new update would be happening in March. Fitbit said: "We're excited to announce that Fitbit will be introducing support for tracker notifications (Call, SMS, Calendar and third party apps) and Connected GPS for all Windows users on the Windows 10 Creators Update coming in April."