Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday January 19, 2017

Intel Core i7-7700K CPU 5GHz Overclock Chances

A few days ago I had an online conversation with Francois Piednoel, Principal engineer at Intel. You might know him better as the guy that said Haswell CPUs would easily do "5GHz on air," and if you could not pull that off you needed training.

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Francois did not seem to be too happy with our recent Kaby Lake coverage on overclocking its Intel Core i7-7700K processor discussing that only one out of our four processors would do 5GHz when overclocked. Our recently purchased retail 7700K was not up to a stable 5GHz either with HyperThreading on.

He suggested that we had only four processors through our hands and did not have a big enough sample to draw any conclusions. Pointing out our limited samples, and YMMV, was something we have always touched on in the articles we have written. But what really amazed me is that Intel gives hundreds of reviewers SINGLE processors to make conclusions on. If nothing, we have gone above an beyond Intel's own format. But I digress.

After discussing this in the HardForum at length, one very industrous [H]'er, Insula Gilliganis took it upon himself to do a bit of data collection.

Given that statement and Franky Ped's 'tude, I would guess that at least half of those "review" 7700Ks should have hit 5.0GHz or higher. So let's see how "overclockable" those 7700K that Intel did give out to the hardware sites really were.. processors given to reviewers (a couple of sites did buy their own retail 7700Ks) who probably have more than a passing clue on how to overclock a CPU to it's maximum stable GHz!! This is what I found going through the first 3 or so pages of a Google search for "7700K review".. not a total or complete search but I wanted just enough of a sample to start drawing some vague conclusion about 7700K ability to hit 5.0.

He went through 24 tech sites (all linked in his post) to see those 7700K overclocking results.

Of the 24 listed reviews, 9 made it to 5.0 or above. If we add in Kyle's 1 in 4 making 5.0, that means 10 out of 28 attempts made it to 5.0 or above, or 36%. Gordon's "5GHz or got very close" statement seems true as all but 1 review got at least "very close" (I don't consider 4.7 "very close").

Wonder if Franky Ped of Intel would still be bitching about drawing "conclusions" based on 28 attempts??

So getting a 7700K that will do 5Ghz with great cooling is about 3.6 out of 10. Hmmmm.

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