Thursday January 19, 2017

Google Could Bring Low-Cost Android One Phones To The U.S.

Remember how the Nexus line was originally supposed to comprise affordable phones? Well, Google got back into that mentality with Android One (a low-cost Android phone program meant for developing countries), and now it sounds like they’re coming to the States. This particular article is skeptical about its success, but I imagine that a cheap(er), stock Android phone paired with Google Fi would be an interesting proposition for at least some people.

News Image

The Information claims that Google will work with a currently unnamed OEM on the first Android One phone in the US, and that it will be priced around $200 to $300. While that’s certainly a much higher price than the first phones that launched in India, it’s possible that Google also wants the US phone to have higher-end hardware that can compete with similar unlocked Android phones from other companies. Chinese companies like OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, LeEco and ZTE have been offering unlocked mid-range Android phones at a low price price point for some time in this country already.