Thursday January 19, 2017

Gas Mask Lets You Smell Virtual Reality Porn

Camsoda would have you believe that the industry has perfected the basic concept of VR porn already, as they have moved on to smell with a mask that accepts a variety of cartridges delivering aromas ranging from "panties" to "private parts." It’s an amusing joke, until you realize they are already taking pre-orders for it. Those who desire increased stimuli to get off will be paying $69.99 for this privilege.

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Technology owes a lot to porn. It breathed life into the Super 8 film, helped VHS kill Betamax, and promises to be integral in propelling virtual reality into the mainstream. Enter NSFW site Camsoda to help it along with this little contribution, a gizmo that adds smells to your sexy virtual reality experiences. That's not a gas mask you see before you, but a VR scent dispenser for when you want that extra layer of immersion. First, pick your scent. Options range from the concerningly ambiguous - 'private parts' and 'environment' - to 'body odor' and even 'food'. Then just slot your chosen cartridge into the mask - like you're popping Tetris into your Game Boy - slip on your VR headset and do whatever it is you do.