Thursday January 19, 2017

Former Apple Engineer: Tim Cook Made Apple A "Boring Operations Company"

Did the fruit company really take a turn for the worse after the loss of Steve Jobs? A former employee believes so, claiming that Apple is now rigid and less competitive after Cook’s promotion, who has transformed the company into a strictly hierarchical company where everyone sticks to task. He argues that the old Apple was like the "wild west," where workers would go beyond their roles, fostering competition and creativity.

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"At Apple in 2007, organizationally it was the wild west," Burrough said to CNBC. The interview came in the wake of a series of Twitter comments by him referring to the Jobs-era company as "thin, competitive, dynamic." In his view, Cook has tried to eliminate executive conflict within Apple and grow middle management آ—but in doing so has crippled the Mac maker's old spirit. Burrough explained to CNBC that while Apple hired him under a specific manager, his first two years were spent on projects outside that manager's main role, because projects took precedence over corporate structure. He compared the current company to his time at defunct phone maker Palm, where teams were "highly organizational" and responsibilities stayed narrow.