Thursday January 19, 2017

AI Software Learns To Make AI Software

Yo dawgآ—get ready for the end of the world. Researchers have proudly announced that they are taking strides toward software that is advanced enough to basically reproduce and design even more intelligent versions of itself. As MIT, the University of California, the Google Brain research group, and other big-wigs throw out concepts such as "automated machine learning" and "learning to learn," the assembly line from hell is becoming more and more plausible. Thanks to Crixus for this story.

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آ…leading researchers are finding that they can make software that can learn to do one of the trickiest parts of their own jobsآ—the task of designing machine-learning software. In one experiment, researchers at the Google Brain artificial intelligence research group had software design a machine-learning system to take a test used to benchmark software that processes language. What it came up with surpassed previously published results from software designed by humans.