Thursday January 19, 2017

5G Will Be A Game Changer, Generating Trillions By 2035

Qualcomm (surprise) has authored an in-depth website outlining the potential impact of 5G technology, which is expected to be, well, huge. EETime’s analysis of the report reiterates the expectation for $3.5 trillion in revenue and 22 million jobs, while also noting that the improved data rates of 10 Gbits/second will bring about a surge in IoT devices and better-performing wireless services. In a related story, the chief executive of Turkey's leading telecoms player actually called 5G "the fourth industrial revolution."

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5G cellular could have a bigger economic impact than expected, according to an IHS study sponsored by Qualcomm. The report comes at a time when carriers are racing to test 5G prototype products and standards are still in development. 5G could enable as much as $12.3 trillion in goods and services in 2035 when its full effects are realized, the 5G Economy report said. By that time, companies developing 5G products and services could generate $3.5 trillion in revenue and 22 million jobs. The so-called 5G value chain will spend as much as $200 billion a year building 5G products and services, it estimated. In a separate poll also sponsored by Qualcomm, more than 90% of 3,500 business people surveyed agreed that 5G will enable new products, services and use cases that have not been invented yet.