Tuesday January 17, 2017

When Home Internet Service Costs $5,000...Or Even $15,000

Would you believe that someone had to pay Comcast $15,000 in order to get fast internet? Not having a broadband connection is a disappointment in itselfآ—but what could be far worse is if your house isn’t wired up for it.

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Corman, a university lecturer and journalist, needed fast Internet service, and the local cable companies, RCN and Comcast, were offering it to nearly all of their neighbors. But for reasons that weren’t totally clear, her family’s house had never been hooked up, and the cable companies wouldn’t wire up the house unless the couple paid for all of the necessary construction and permitting. "We and our next-door neighbors are the only two residences in all of North Brookline without cable," Corman told Ars. RCN has a manhole in front of the house, and "Comcast has a node in a manhole around the corner. What will it cost to bring cable to our homes? A bit more than $10,000. That’s before we even begin to pay for monthly service."