Tuesday January 17, 2017

Folding Surface Phone Teased In New Microsoft Patent

Microsoft appears to be taking the plunge into foldable devices, and many are hoping these patent diagrams allude to what a future Surface device will look like and what it’ll be capable of. There are a number of potential designs shown, some of which hint at phones with screens that slide out, effectively transforming them into tablets.

News Image

Microsoft has patented a folding, flexible smartphone which could open out into a far more practical tablet, potentially teasing a possible Surface Phone form-factor. The patent, granted earlier this month, describes a "Mobile Computing Device having a flexible hinge structure" or, in other words, a portable gadget the size of a smartphone when collapsed, but which can be opened up for a far larger interface. Indeed, Microsoft actually has multiple designs on the same core theme. One potential form factor, for instance, comprises of two or three hinged panels. Joined along the longer edges of each rectangular section, they would unfold to make a device with double or even triple the screen space of a similarly-sized smartphone. By using a flexible display, the screen would be able to stretch around those hinges and, when opened, offer an uninterrupted panel.