Tuesday January 17, 2017

Flame Retardant In Lithium-Ion Batteries Could Quench Fires

With exploding phones being such a hot, recurring topic these days, it would be great if this concept could finally take off. Adding flame retardant to a battery isn’t a new idea, but previous methods would reduce performance. Researchers have now placed the retardant in a battery’s separator, although it remains to be seen how well it can stand up to abuse.

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آ…researchers have designed a lithium-ion battery in which the separator, the component that keeps the battery's positive and negative electrodes apart, contains a cheap, powerful, and commonly used flame retardant known as triphenyl phosphate. During normal battery operation, the flame retardant stays encapsulated within plastic fibers. If the separator gets hotter than 150 degrees C, the plastic melts, releasing the flame retardant. In experiments, the chemical completely quenched flaming electrolyte in 0.4 seconds. The scientists detailed their findings online in the 13 January edition of the journal Science Advances.