Monday January 16, 2017

Retail 7700K Not Up to 5GHz - 3600MHz

This is our first retail purchased Intel Core i7-7700K processor that we sourced through Amazon. This one makes four that we have had hands-on and three that we still have here in our possession. To my chagrin, it does not look like 5GHz/3600MHz is in the cards for this one when it comes to running stability tests. I have run the vCore up to an actual 1.38v, and I think I might call it there. That makes our 5GHz rate 25% so far.

The black marks on the IHS are in preparation for delidding.

EDIT: Turn off HyperThreading and it runs easily at 5GHz/3600MHz under full load using ASUS RealBench v2.44. Of course, at that setting you are better off buying a 7600K for $100 less if you are all about the magic 5GHz. Still we need to do more testing with more retail processors.

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