Sunday January 15, 2017

Will Mark Zuckerberg Be Our Next President?

Many influential people in Silicon Valley think that Zuckerberg will run for the presidency someday. Would you vote for him?

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آ…let’s just say Zuckerberg decides to run. If you’re Elizabeth Warren, Paul Ryan, or Kanye West (who also aspires to be presidentآ—God help us all) what’s your attack on Zuckerberg? Privacy. Over the years, one of Zuckerberg’s biggest blunders has been the lack of respect for people’s privacy on Facebook. In the early days of the social network, he pillaged, sneered, and ignored people’s concerns about their privacy. Sure, it worked out well for the company and created entirely new societal norms for what it meant to be open, but it’s something that is going to follow him wherever he goes. And, given Zuckerberg’s unsuccessful bid to get Facebook into China, you can be sure politicians would attempt to paint him as someone just trying to use public office to grow his business.