Sunday January 15, 2017

"Turok: Dinosaur Hunter" Source Code Discovered

Remember Iguana Entertainment? This guy managed to get a hold of their old SGI Indy workstations, where he found the code for the original Turok game. Maybe I will finally fire up the PC port on Steam tonight.

Aaron, who collects and tinkers with old computers as a hobby, said he first spotted this SGI Indy at a warehouse where he was picking up a 24-bit video board for an SGI Indy from another seller. While there, he saw a whole stack of SGI Indys there along with boxes of obsolete 3D animation software. He made note of it, and last summer went back to buy the stack of SGI Indys and software. As he started going through the files, it became clear that the SGI Indys came from a liquidation auction for Turok publisher Acclaim, which went out of business in 2004. Acclaim should have wiped those drives before the sale exactly for this reason, but for whatever reason, didn't.