Sunday January 15, 2017

Outgoing FCC Chief Tom Wheeler Offers Final Defense Of Net Neutrality

Wheeler, who will be departing this week, has argued for maintaining his proudest achievement in his last speech. Stressing how net neutrality is integral to protecting consumers from the self-interests of corporations, he challenges Republicans to find somethingآ—anythingآ—that may be wrong with the idea.

Wheeler’s argument, at its core, is pretty simple. He says Republicans should actually take a look at what’s going on and see if the Open Internet Order has really been that bad آ— or whether it has, in fact, done some good. "Where’s the fire? What has happened since the Open Internet rules were adopted to justify uprooting the policy?" Wheeler asks. "As I said a moment ago, network investment is up, investment in innovative services is up, and ISPs revenues آ— and stock prices آ— are at record levels. So, where’s the fire?" As for why net neutrality is necessary in the first place, Wheeler points out what should be pretty obvious: companies can be kind of evil, and regulators are needed to stop that from happening.