Sunday January 15, 2017

Nintendo Is Using A Phone App For The Switch's Voice Chat

You need to have your phone by your side, running an app, to get basic functionality such as voice chat? Am I reading this right? And remember, this is a paid serviceآ…

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آ…most perplexingآ…has been Nintendo’s focus on a new mobile app. The confusion has been about whether the grouping/voice chat app is just an added component of the service, or whether the app effectively is the service. After a bit more discussion, it seems that the latter is the case. آ…the idea that you would have to voice chat through Nintendo’s app alone on your phone seems nothing short of ridiculous. Obviously, there are a million other ways you could chat to friends on your phone, like Skype or Discord, which do not cost a monthly subscription fee. Or hell, you could literally just call your friends the old fashioned way if you really wanted to.