Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday January 15, 2017

Levels Of E-Waste Soar In Asia As Gadgets Become Affordable

Asia needs to step up their e-waste management, as more of its population gets richer and buys more gadgets, which inevitably go into the trash. This reminds me that I still have to figure out how to get rid of my UPS battery; apparently it is too big for Best Buy to accept for recycling.

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Levels of electronic waste are rising sharply across Asia, as higher incomes mean hundreds of millions of people can afford smartphones and other gadgets, according to a UN study. The amount of e-waste in Asia has risen by 63% in five years, a report by United Nations University said, warning of the need to improve recycling and disposal methods across the region to prevent serious environmental and health consequences. Ruediger Kuehr, the report’s co-author and head of UNU’s sustainable cycles programme, said: "For many countries that already lack infrastructure for environmentally sound e-waste management, the increasing volumes are a cause for concern."