Sunday January 15, 2017

Amazon Seeks FCC Permission To Run Mystery Wireless Tests In Washington

It is just a guess, but this experimental wireless communications technology that Amazon wants to test likely involves delivery drones. What would be more interesting is if it was actually a wireless service exclusive to their devices.

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The first tests would take place indoors at Amazon's Seattle headquarters and would then expand outdoors, to around the company's customer service facility in Kennewick, 220 miles from Seattle. According to the documents, which Amazon filed with the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday, the tests would involve "low-power, temporary fixed-base transmitters and associated mobile units indoors at and near its company facilities in Seattle, Washington." Each location would feature three fixed transmitters and 10 mobile units, the documents show.The testing would be limited to Amazon employees, and Amazon said it would retrieve and recover all devices that didn't meet FCC regulations.