Saturday January 14, 2017

Tesla Reveals How Much Using Its Supercharger Network Will Cost

This is irrelevant to those of you who already have a Tesla, but anyone who purchases one after January 15th will have to pay to use the company’s Supercharger network. The good news is that it should still be cheaper than gas. The company’s main reason for making owners pay up is so they can expand the network.

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Most users will pay a set price per kilowatt-hour, while the rest will be charged per minute. This is due to state regulations that affect electricity sales by non-utility companies. You can check out Tesla's site to see the pricing structure for your own state. Same goes in other regions like Europe, in which local regulations will affect pricing. Bear in mind, the ultra-fast Supercharger network isn't meant to be an unlimited fuel source during a regular commute. These chargers are designed to support long-distance driving. Tesla gives some cost examples on its site -- Supercharging from Los Angeles to New York will cost about $120 (roughly آ£100 and AU$160), while a shorter trip between LA and San Francisco will cost about $15 (roughly آ£10, AU$20). This is just for cars ordered after January 15. All cars ordered prior to this date will be grandfathered into the unlimited free Supercharging program.