Saturday January 14, 2017

NRAM Set To Spark "Holy War" Among Memory Technologies

Reports claim that NRAM, a carbon nanotube-based memory technology that has been trying to make it big since 2001, may finally make an impact and compete with the more ubiquitous NAND. A huge player has begun its mass manufacture; NRAM is supposedly capable of twice the speed of NAND (after considering interface bottlenecks).

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Fujitsu plans to develop a custom embedded storage-class memory module using the DDR4 interface by the end of 2018. Using the DDR4 specification interface, NRAM could sport up to 3.2 billion data transfers per second or 2.4Gbps -- more than twice as fast as NAND flash. Natively, however, the NRAM's read/write capability is thousands of times faster than NAND flash, Greg Schmergel, CEO of Nantero, said. The bottleneck, therefore, is the computer BUS interface. "Nanotube switch [states] in picoseconds -- going off to on and on to off," Schmergal said in an earlier interview with Computerworld. A picosecond is one trillionth of a second.