Saturday January 14, 2017

Microsoft Reveals Upcoming Gaming Features And Enhancements For Xbox One And PC

Microsoft does care about gamers, mkay? That "Game Mode" that was rumored has now been confirmed to exist, although they, apparently, are not ready to elaborate on any of it. Show-offs will also be able to stream your games instantly to the Beam service, a Twitch competitor.

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Mike Ybarra, Head of Platform Engineering for Xbox, has released information about what gamers can expect with the Creators Update arriving for Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox One sometime in April. The update will make it easier to stream games by bringing the Beam platform to the Xbox One and Windows 10, improve the performance of PC games by utilizing Windows Game Mode, with a focus on making it easier to keep in touch with friends - to name a few. Microsoft has categorized these improvements and features, bringing attention to four main themes: Streaming, Performance, People, Competition.