Friday January 13, 2017

OCUK Helping Us De-Lidding

We have been de-lidding CPUs, and breaking those for about 13 years now. And one thing we have found out is that....we break a lot of CPUs. Maybe that is because of our big sasquatch hands, but that is besides the point. OCUK sent us one of its de-lidding tools to help us safely break into our new retail Intel Core i7-7700K. Many thanks!!! Along with that, we bought a smorgasbord of TIMs. We are going to use the liquid metal TIMs for re-lidding our 7700K. After that we are going to do a series of test with the TIMs you see below. We have a thread running in the HardForum if you have any suggestions on additions to the testing, so please speak up with any TIMs we have left out that you think should be in the running!

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