Thursday January 12, 2017

NVIDIA SHIELD Portable 2 Spotted At FCC, But Launch Seems Unlikely

This is solid proof that the SHIELD 2 exists, but you probably won’t be able to get one due to the SHIELD Android TV and Nintendo Switch existing. I am bummed about that because the original was such a great machine for emulation, even better than the tablet variant (for me). It is weird how its OLED screen didn’t go anywhere near 0 nit blacks, though.

News Image

آ…the SHIELD Portable 2 has a bit of a design refresh on the inside cluster of buttons, but with the shell closed, it looks quite similar to the original SHIELD Portable. On the backside, NVIDIA appears to have adjusted a few of the curves for what we’d imagine is a more comfortable grip. While exact specs are not known, it’s possible the updated SHIELD Portable would have featured a Tegra X1 processor, plus a slightly enlarged screen with toned down bezels. So, while this development is cool, let’s be real about NVIDIA’s plan to launch this thing. In my mind, it may not happen, especially with NVIDIA just announcing the new SHIELD Android TV. While anyone can see the benefit of a legit Android TV set-top box for gaming, the SHIELD Portable is an incredibly niche product.