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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday January 12, 2017

New Windows 10 Privacy Controls: Just A Little Snooping...

In a future update, Windows 10 users will be getting a tweaked privacy control panel that will make it easier to turn off telemetryآ—well, almost. There will be a "basic" and "full" level: the latter is recommended for those who don’t value their privacy whatsoever (it even sends your inking/typing data), while the preferable setting only records the basic stuff like your hardware and apps installedآ…

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Microsoft will soon roll out, in an upcoming update, simplified categories for the telemetry settings: basically it's on or almost off, depending on your edition of Windows 10. This change is due to be pushed out to the general public in the Windows 10 Creators Update slated for the spring. For Windows 10 Home and Pro editions, gone is the "enhanced" setting level, leaving users to select from the "basic" or "full" telemetry plans. Microsoft says it will reduce the amount of data it collects under the "basic" plan, allowing peeps with Home and Pro editions to somewhat limit the transfer of information back to Redmond.